Cannabis Strains

G13 x Hawaiian Preroll



G13 x Hawaiian Preroll
Strain: G13 x Hawaiian Preroll
Producer: Culture & Cannabis
Contributor: Akil The Real Deal
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How Cannabis Can Help Brain Cancer Patients Live Longer


Contributor: Timothy D. Pineda It is absolutely no secret how beneficial cannabis can be as a form of medicine. Like marijuana and brain cancer, for example. The way marijuana and brain tumors interact with one another is unlike any other medication on the market, and there is an abundance of scientific data to back up… Read More »

Golden Ticket E-Joint



Golden Ticket E-Joint
Strain: Golden Ticket E-Joint
Producer: The Apothecary Shoppe
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Optimizing the Root Zone Environment in Cannabis: Q&A with Brian Jackson

Optimizing the Root Zone Environment in Cannabis Q&A with Brian Jackson

Source: Cannabis cultivators are diligent about the light their plants receive and the environmental controls in their grow rooms, but how often do they consider their crop’s root zone? According to Brian Jackson, director of the Horticultural….. Read the rest on Cannabis Business, Cannabis Development, Cannabis Edible, Cannabis Food, Cannabis for Business, Cannabis… Read More »

Strawberry Lemonade 1g



Strawberry Lemonade 1g
Strain: Strawberry Lemonade 1g
Producer: Cannabiotix
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