Blueberry Shortcake 1g Preroll

Strain: Blueberry Shortcake 1g Preroll

Producer: MPX

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



The preroll is firm and packed tight without any seeds or seeds visible 70%
Recognize blueberry, grapes, and even a hint of blackberry 70%
I get a brief flash of funky cheese flavor 80%
body is treated to soothing relaxation and wavy feeling 80%
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THC: 21.00%
Terpene Profile
𝛃-Myrcene: 6.630 mg/g
𝛂-Pinene: 2.320 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 1.530 mg/g

MPX is an acronym for Melting Point Extracts. MPX specializes in extracting cannabinoids and terpenes to create cannabis extracts. Perhaps this is why there is no information available on MPX’s Blueberry Shortcake flower or any of their flower products for that matter on its official website. Further research has led me to discover that Blueberry Shortcake is an indica-dominant cannabis strain. Blueberry, Cherry Pie, and Sour Grape are crossed together to create this fruity and tart strain.

Appearance 3.5/5
MPX presents its Blueberry Shortcake 1g Preroll in a stuffed Raw Hemp Cone and tucked at the end. The preroll is firm and packed tight without any seeds or seeds visible. I can view shredded flower through the transparent paper of the joint. When I dump out some of the shake, I am pleased to notice that the cannabis was not finely grounded into dust, and there were still clumps of the calyx in the joint. The numerous trichomes give the torn cannabis parts a fuzzy appearance, and the pistils appear dark brown.

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Aroma 3.5/5
My senses are doused with berry flavors when I pop the MPX tube and inhale near the opening. My nose can recognize blueberry, grapes, and even a hint of blackberry. The sweet fruity scents are strong in the beginning but do not last forever. The strain’s scents fade from berries into an earthy and spicy blend. In addition, there is a sharp odor of pine trees within the joint’s cannabis cologne. I even get a whiff of funky cheese for a brief moment when I smell the doobie directly.

Taste 4/5
I did not expect the prominence of 𝛂-pinene in the flavor when I inhaled the MPX Blueberry Shortcake prerolled joint. The smoke’s taste reminds me of when I would breathe in an Albuterol inhaler for my asthma. After the medicinal hints fade, it becomes woody. It is not until I begin to exhale the smoke that my tastebuds are spoiled to saccharine notes like blueberry and mango. Before all the smoke has passed my lips, I get a brief flash of funky cheese flavor.

Effect 4/5
Smoking this Blueberry Shortcake 1g Preroll is tons of fun! Euphoria overtakes me after the fourth puff. Usually, the bird’s song outside my window annoys me in the morning. But after this hybrid high starts to set in, the avian’s ballad becomes beautiful to my ears. I find myself in a very humorous mood. I giggle and am happy despite the fear of the coronavirus. Later on, my body is treated to soothing relaxation and wavy feeling.

Product price: $16.00

The high from Blueberry Shortcake produced by MPX is perfect to smoke right before going to the movies. The cerebral effects of the high may make the movie seem more enjoyable. Likewise, the physical relief will allow one to sit comfortably throughout the movie even if the cinema is not luxurious. Because of the munchies, the high delivers the popcorn, nachos, and other concessions will be worth the inflated price.

Blueberry Shortcake delivered a pleasant high but was lacking in flavor and aroma. I expected a more pastry and tart taste given the “Shortcake” in the title. Furthermore, I was disappointed that MPX did not provide any information on its website about it’s Blueberry Shortcake preroll or any of its flower products. Still, the Apothecary Shoppe visit was a great surprise because of the stylish presentation and well-dressed staff.

Address: 4240 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone number: (702) 740-4372
Hours: Open 24 Hours

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I’m thankful I had the foresight to wear my crispy blue suit and bowtie on my inaugural visit to The Apothecary Shoppe. The interior design of the dispensary reminds me of a classy speakeasy or private social club. When I came in swaggin like a dragon, the budtender Alex welcomed me with compliments on my blue attire. Alex was sharply suited and booted himself in a maroon outfit. His suit, tie, handkerchief, and vest were all in the same fuchsia color scheme. I noticed that all of the staff were dressed similarly in stylish blazers and dresses. The wooden cabinets, ornate rugs, and gold ceiling tile added to the upscale aesthetic of the Apothecary Shoppe. A large flat-screen monitor was displaying cannabis cultivation content. 

Before shopping, I decided to browse the marketplace because it was my first visit. The simple dark brown wooden cabinets display cannabis products in transparent glass. I noticed concentrate, vaporizers, flower, and pre-rolled joints in the various exhibits. There was an exquisite display of infused cookies, chocolates, and pastries near the freezer section. Moreover, I observed an automated teller machine and multiple menu binders on tables. After I reviewed the menu, I decided to order a Blueberry Shortcake 1g Preroll produced by MPX.

I noticed the terpenes were not presented in the printed menu, but Alex revealed a list of Blueberry Shortcake’s terpenes. I also learned that the Blueberry Shortcake’s THC percentage is 21% from talking with Alex. Alex was able to tell me that the Blueberry Shortcake tastes and smokes great from experience and charged me for $16.00 for the doobie.

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