Glue on Fire Flower

Strain: Glue on Fire Flower

Producer: Fleur

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



Three matted mint green buds of Glue on Fire 60%
Earthy fumes 80%
Earthy and spicy tones 80%
Euphoric pain relief and tingling energy 96%
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Fleur: Glue of Fire Flower - Hybrid - 1g for $14.00
THC: 23.321%

Fleur produced Glue on Flower by crossing hybrid GG#4 and hybrid Face on Fire. According to the producer, Glue of Fire is an even hybrid that has an equal influence on the mind and body. The sour and earthy flavor and aroma of this strain remind some users of gasoline and rubber.

Terpene Profile
Caryophyllene: 7.712 mg/g
Limonene: 6.214 mg/g
Myrcene: 5.799 mg/g

Appearance 3/5
Fleur's gram of Glue on Fire Hybrid flower is packed in a resealable foil pouch with one transparent side. On the transparent surface, I can view the gram and the NV Cann Labs test results. Unfortunately, the flower is flattened a bit by the packaging. Once the bag is open, I recognize three matted mint green buds of Glue on Fire. Large clusters of squiggly orangish-brown pistils burst out of the sugar leaves near the top of the colas.

Aroma 4/5
I cut the perforated edge of the foil Fleur package, and before I ever open the bag, I can smell the earthy fumes of Glue on Fire. The strong floral citrus aroma from the 6.214mg/g limonene is uplifting when I bring a bud to my nose. The scent is warm and reminds me of sitting on the grass in the sunshine. The 7.712mg/g of caryophyllene does not influence the scent because I do not detect any spice or pepper. But then again, the caryophyllene may be the reason for the herbal tones in the weed. Lastly, the 6.214mg/g of myrcene adds some tropical hints to the fragrance.

Taste 4/5
I grind the two smaller nugs of Glue on Fire and pack them into a RAW hemp cone. When I spark the jay and inhale, I taste the herbal flavors of this hybrid flower. The inhale's earthy and spicy tones are from the 7.712mg/g of caryophyllene. Semi-sweet floral tones blend with the earthiness of the smoke, most likely from the 6.214mg/g of limonene. The influence of 5.799mg/g of tropical myrcene is minute.

Effect 4.8/5
Fleur's Glue on Fire has the power to inspire the mind while relaxing the body. I feel amazing because of the joyful and stress-relieving effects of the 6.214mg/g of limonene. In the same way, the 7.712mg/g of caryophyllene and 5.799 mg/g of myrcene combine to provide euphoric pain relief and tingling energy. I am invigorated by the fun high and see the world with new eyes.

In my opinion, Fleur's Glue on Fire Flower is not an appropriate product for new smokers because of its hybrid high that alters mood and motor control. However, the strong terpene profile that combines caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene may relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain, inflammation, and an upset tummy. Glue on Fire flower has some heavy-hitting, soothing effects that are great for streaming videos, playing games, dining, and sleeping.

I would definitely purchase Glue on Fire produced by Fleur from Curaleaf again because of the smoke session I had with the hybrid flower that resulted in an awesome, tranquil high. I felt positive and relaxed by the above-average THC percentage and diverse terpene profile, including caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

Address: 1736 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 727-3187
In Store Hours 9 am – Midnight daily
Curbside Pickup Hours 9 am – Midnight Daily
Delivery Hours 10 am – 6pm Daily

The Curaleaf Dispensary may be one of the most popular dispensaries on the Las Vegas Strip. When the brand entered the Las Vegas Market last year, it took over the Black Jack Collective cannabis store at 1736 Las Vegas Boulevard. I was grateful that the staff remained during the transition, and on the first official day of business was a ridiculous sale of $15 eighths of flower and $5.00 100mg edibles! On that day, the parking lot was full, and the line to enter the building spilled out onto the sidewalk. I often have witnessed a similar scene at Curaleaf during special flash sales of low priced ounces of flower and concentrates. After I signed up for the Curaleaf loyalty program, I started to regularly receive text messages about these limited discounts on dank. Curaleaf's influence also extends to the Acres Cannabis Marketplace, and these two dispensaries are the only retail locations to carry the Culture & Cannabis brand products.

On this visit to Curaleaf, I went to the website instead of Las Vegas Boulevard. Instead of going to the weed, I had the weed come to me. As a result of Hytiva's partnership with the Curaleaf dispensary, I am able to have my weed delivered. Of course, my order must meet the delivery subtotal requirement of $75 to make it worth the driver's time and effort to travel to my home burdened with ganja goods. I selected a gram of Glue on Fire hybrid flower for $14, along with various other products, and received my order later the same day.

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