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Study: Cannabis Significantly Reduces Symptoms of Gastroparesis

Cannabis Significantly Reduces Symptoms of Gastroparesis

Source: Bridgeport, CT: Cannabis treatment significantly reduces symptoms in patients with refractory gastroparesis, according to clinical data published in the journal Cureus. Gastroparesis is a stomach condition associated with abdominal…. Read the rest on Cannabis Benefits, Cannabis Business, Cannabis Development, Cannabis Food, Cannabis Growing Tips, Cannabis Health Benefits, Cannabis Industry & Marijuana, cannabis… Read More »

Strawberry Lemonade 1g



Strawberry Lemonade 1g
Strain: Strawberry Lemonade 1g
Producer: Cannabiotix
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Blue Dream 3.5g Flower Bag



Blue Dream 3.5g Flower Bag
Strain: Sativa Dominant
Producer: MedMen Red
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Closed-Loop Extraction: What is It, Benefits, and Downsides?


Source: Although they have been around for a while, cannabis concentrates have become increasingly popular in the United States. This is as a result of the legalization of cannabis in several states such as Colorado, Washington among others…… Read the rest on Cannabis, Cannabis Benefits, Cannabis Health Benefits, Cannabis Industry, Cannabis Industry &… Read More »