Cannabis Legal


The Las Vegas Cannabis Market: Underground vs. Dispensaries

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal Hopes & Dreams for the Weed Scene My understanding of… Read More »

The Cannabis Community in Las Vegas is the Greatest

Contributor: Akil Evans In the past, Las Vegas’ reputation has centered around being a destination… Read More »

Maine-Bill -Would-Not-Require-Cannabis-Businesses-to-Provide-Certain-Information-to-Regulators

Maine Bill Would Not Require Cannabis Businesses to Provide Certain Information to Regulators

Source: A new bill in Maine would keep parts of the state’s cannabis market… Read More »


Kentucky House of Representatives Approves Medical Cannabis Legislation

Source: On Thursday, Kentucky’s House of Representatives voted in favor (65-30) of a bill… Read More »


Charity warns over ‘safe’ legalisation of cannabis

Source: One in 20 adults would take cannabis on a regular basis if it… Read More »

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