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The Las Vegas Cannabis Market: Underground vs. Dispensaries


Contributor: Akil The Real Deal Hopes & Dreams for the Weed Scene My understanding of the recreational and healing properties of cannabis began about a decade ago. I was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and some of my more precocious friends began smoking weed in middle school and high school.  More than once, I would fall… Read More »

The Cannabis Community in Las Vegas is the Greatest

Contributor: Akil Evans In the past, Las Vegas’ reputation has centered around being a destination to overindulge in vices, without any repercussions. Before I moved to Vegas, I might have called it “Sin City,” and everyone has heard the maxim, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  Recently, in January 2020, the Las Vegas Convention… Read More »

Maine Bill Would Not Require Cannabis Businesses to Provide Certain Information to Regulators

Maine-Bill -Would-Not-Require-Cannabis-Businesses-to-Provide-Certain-Information-to-Regulators

Source: A new bill in Maine would keep parts of the state’s cannabis market a secret by not requiring business owners to provide details on security, trade secrets or standard operating procedures to the state’s Office of Marijuana Policy…. Read the rest on Cananbis Reviews, Cannabis, Cannabis Business, Cannabis Health Benefits, Cannabis Industry,… Read More »

Kentucky House of Representatives Approves Medical Cannabis Legislation


Source: On Thursday, Kentucky’s House of Representatives voted in favor (65-30) of a bill that would legalize medical cannabis for patients with debilitating medical conditions in the state. H.B. 136, sponsored by Rep. Jason Nemes (R-Louisville)….. Read the rest on Cannabis, Cannabis Industry, Cannabis Industry & Marijuana, Cannabis Legal, Cannabis Legalization, Cannabis Letest… Read More »

Charity warns over ‘safe’ legalisation of cannabis


Source: One in 20 adults would take cannabis on a regular basis if it were legalised, similar to the number of people who currently use it, according to a poll for a leading mental health charity. A YouGov poll conducted for Rethink Mental…… Read the rest on Cannabis, Cannabis Health Benefits, Cannabis Industry,… Read More »