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Marijuana Grow Space For Sale In Michigan

Grow Space For Sale In Michigan

Contributor: Kellan Stark If you are under the impression that finding and purchasing a marijuana grow space in Michigan is easy, I’m sorry, but that’s not exactly how things work. That’s not to say that finding a marijuana grow space for sale in Michigan is impossible. In fact, you may be surprised at how many… Read More »

The Importance of Using pH and PPM Pens for Your Cannabis Grow Room

The Importance of Using pH and PPM Pens for Your Cannabis Grow Room

Whether you’re new to growing and embarking on your first indoor crop or you’re a cannabis-cultivating veteran who has been doing this for decades, you need to be focusing on pH and PPM. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing 2 plants or 200, problems with pH can cause irreversible damage to a cannabis grow room.… Read More »

Cannabis and Covid-19. What Does the Future Hold?

Cannabis and Covid-19. What Does the Future Hold?

Contributor: JOHN A. COLLINS Covid-19 has impacted various industries, some quite significantly. Consumer behaviour, business operations, and finances have changed within a short span. Partial lockdowns, furloughs (unpaid, paid or partially paid), loss of income, and social distancing have impacted the social and economic fabric worldwide. The global pandemic is changing a lot, shaping what… Read More »

In-Depth Look At How Many People Smoke Weed


Contributor: Eric Bloom With legalization being “all the rage” these days, you have probably found yourself wondering just how many people use marijuana nowadays. I’d be a liar, if I said I hadn’t shared a similar thought. As more and more states go ahead, and allow their residents to partake in cannabis, be it recreationally… Read More »

The Las Vegas Cannabis Market: Underground vs. Dispensaries


Contributor: Akil The Real Deal Hopes & Dreams for the Weed Scene My understanding of the recreational and healing properties of cannabis began about a decade ago. I was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and some of my more precocious friends began smoking weed in middle school and high school.  More than once, I would fall… Read More »