Everything You Need To Know About Microdosing Marijuana

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Contributor: MARCUS C. DAVIS

The hunt for massive THC percentages began during the very early stages of legalized cannabis. It was only then that the cannabis community was first learning about these pieces of data. Up until that point, we had been relegated to our bare, untrained senses to determine if what we bought was actually dank or not. But now, with all of these lab results finding their way onto labels, we started to see just how potent these little bastards are.

Needless to say, the average cannabis consumer is always looking to get the most bang for their buck, and rightfully so. The market is awash with high-priced, top-shelf items. But, when it comes to those super potent products, you have to fork over a few extra bucks in order to enjoy them. Just like you would have to pay extra for a top-notch product in any other scenario. It’s just common sense, when you think about it.

Microdosing Marijuana Is A Major Trend – Here’s Why

However, whenever our bud-budget is able to withstand a financial hit, in exchange for a high THC percentage, we take full advantage of it immediately. I mean, when you see a deal, you take it. That’s just the “American Way,” as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t think I’m the only one who would leap at such a bargain-friendly batch of potent marijuana.

Keeping that in mind, we must remember why we partake in cannabis in the first place.

Everyone has their own specific reason, but for the most part, it’s to help them feel cool, calm, and collected – in addition to tackling any sort of physical or mental ailments that they might be dealing with. For me, I enjoy the reliable comfort provided by cannabis on a daily basis, and I look to it when I’m enduring times of stress, anxiety, and/or depression.

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Wanting to always have the most potent medicine on hand, I often only look for strains with a high THC percentage. In my mind, anything other than that would be a waste of money. I love THC, it’s the main reason I’ve become a cannabis enthusiast. So, why would I ever spend my time (or money) entertaining a less potent strain for the same price? It just doesn’t make sense.

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That’s how I felt for years, but that was before I learned more about ‘microdosing.’

Now, just based on its name, alone, it’s fairly easy to surmise what microdosing means. It means the partaking of smaller, less potent quantities of cannabis to combat various injuries and ailments in a more efficient, controlled fashion. Also, you would utilize these microdoses more often throughout the day, as opposed to firing up one massive, THC-filled smoke session in the morning, and letting that last throughout the day.

And, even though it may seem counterintuitive to everything we, cannabis enthusiasts, have grown up assuming, sometimes, microdosing a smaller amount can be more beneficial than a gigantic portion of cannabinoids.

Look, I understand all of this sounds confusing and oxymoronic, but there are experts out there conducting powerful research in this realm of marijuana use, and the results they are coming up with are truly game-changing.

Take Michelle Ross, for example.

She’s the founder of IMPACT network, which is a nonprofit organization focused on medical marijuana studies and analysis. Recently, she was speaking on the powers of microdosing, and her words struck a chord with a number of people in the cannabis community.

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Specifically, Ross stated, “Most people don’t know about microdosing. They just blast their system with cannabis or high amounts of THC, and that is not always the best approach for whatever condition they have.” And she’s absolutely right.

Every single person’s body chemistry is abundantly different. We all react differently to different buds, strains, and amounts – which is why it’s critical to learn how your specific body reacts to cannabis. That sort of knowledge will not only expedite your marijuana shopping experience, with a more thought-out approach to strains, but it’ll help you know exactly what kind of marijuana products are best for you, and your situation.

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Michelle Ross isn’t the only one in her field making such pro-microdosing statements. An osteopathic physician from Maine, Dustin Sulak, has always been quite a mouthpiece for the microdosing community.

In a recent statement on the matter, Sulak said, “When you raise the dose sometimes you get diminished benefits, and sometimes you get the opposite of what you are looking for.”

By this, he means that if one is, let’s say, partaking in cannabis to combat anxiety about an upcoming event, or something to that effect, they may take too much THC at once, and that could lead to an unwanted, unforeseen influx of introspection and overthinking. Such a state of mind will only increase that consumer’s anxiety.

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However, on the other end of the consumption spectrum, if this person were to start out with a fraction of that amount, just to feel the tiniest bit of marijuana relief, that may be far better for them in the long run, in addition to helping them attain their desired level of mental stability and physical relaxation. That sort of state would help them battle their anxiety, and live a more worry-free life.

That said, it’s just as effective when it comes to helping consumers deal with physical aches and pains.

Sulak spoke on this very matter. In which, he stated, “If I see someone with multiple sclerosis who is in the middle of a flare-up and having a really hard time, she may need a higher dose to get the symptoms under control. But, as she gets well and heals, her daily dose will go down and down and down, until the point where microdosing becomes a maintenance plan.”

Michelle Ross, herself, was able to echo just such an opinion in a recent interview. Speaking about her personal relationship with microdosing, and how she uses it for pain-relief, Ross said, “I have a lot of chronic health problems including neuropathy and fibromyalgia, and cannabis has been the only thing that has enabled me to surmount them.”

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Sulak, too, wasn’t shy about sharing his own microdosing habits with the world. Specifically, Sulak stated, “I find that a sub-psychoactive dose of cannabis helps me stay healthy, reduce stress, and stay sharp and focused at work.” Which is how many cannabis enthusiasts are utilizing the powers of microdosing on a daily basis all across the globe.


Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re curious as to just how much a microdose actually is? How am I supposed to reap the rewards of this dose-specific trend, if I don’t know how much to partake in. Well, Michelle Ross offered up her two cents on the matter, and I must say, what she said makes nothing but sense.

On the issue of how much one should plan on consuming if they wanted to experiment with microdosing, Ross said, “Microdosing is something that is very personal. There is no magic bullet for all patients; it is different for each one. So, keep experimenting until you find the dose that works for you.”

Michelle Ross hit the nail on the head right there. It’s all about finding your own, personal balance. The more you know about your own body, and how it reacts to different levels of THC/CBD, the better off you’ll be. I guarantee it.

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