G13 x Hawaiian Preroll

Strain: G13 x Hawaiian Preroll

Producer: Culture & Cannabis

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



Multi-shaded azul graffiti texture 80%
Smell earthy scents with a hint of sweet fruit 80%
Get the sensation of caramel and butter on taste buds 80%
Abs ached from hearty and constant laughter 80%

THCa: 21.905%
đťš«-9THC: 00.436%
CBD: 00.437%

Terpene Profile
Caryophyllene: 5.710 mg/g
Humulene: 3.130 mg/g
Limonene: 2.150 mg/g
Myrcene: 1.368 mg/g

This cross of G13 x Haiwaiian also known as G13 Haze is a classic strain with the accolades to prove it. In 2006 Barney’s Farms won second place at the Cannabis cup for its rendition of this strain. In 2007 Barney’s Farms returned for first place! G13 x Hawaiian is respected for it’s uplifting, creative, high and offers earthy nutty tones.

Appearance 4/5
My favorite color is blue so I find the multi shaded azul graffiti texture of the Culture & Cannabis container quite appealing. Even though the opaque packaging does not allow a view of the interior product, I do appreciate the label that includes lab results and the child-proof lid. The flower feels soft and squishy inside of the joint. And when I spill the shake it appears chartreuse and I see the mounds of amber trichomes. The preroll is stuffed neatly in a RAW cone with a complimentary filter.

Aroma 4/5
The childproof cap seals the Sativa G13 x Hawaiian prerolls without allowing any of the scent to escape prematurely. I smell earthy scents with a hint of sweet fruit after I untwist the tube and stick my nose on the tube. Just as, I can sense the tropical musk of the 1.368 mg/g Myrcene from inside the package. When I place the joint under my nostrils and above my upper lip, the sweet citrus tones of the 2.150 mg/g Limonene become more prominent. Throughout the entire scent the herbal tones of 3.130 mg/g of Humulene are evident.

Taste 4/5
When I first put the G13 x Hawaiian preroll produced by Culture & Cannabis to my lips I got the sensation of caramel and butter on my tastebuds. Once the flower is ignited however, the 5.710 mg/g of Caryophyllene appears as a bitter, spicy, and dry taste. The clove-like flavors are not overwhelming when I inhale but do control the entire flavor profile of the Sativa doobie. There is a slight saccharine fruit taste when I inhale, I wish this sweet mix of tropical and citrus fruit was more permanent.

Effect 4/5
The Culture & Cannabis G13 x Hawaiian Sativa Preroll delivers a wonderful energizing high. I start to feel the invigorating effects after I smoked about half of the .75 gram Preroll. My motivation was fortified like I was listening to T.I. on this high. By time I was done smoking the G13 x Hawaiian
Doobie my abs ached from my hearty and constant laughter. Furthermore; I felt moderate pain relief and a bit of physical ecstasy on this strain.

Product price: $8.00

Culture & Cannabis’s G13 x Hawaiian Preroll is a dank product on a discount accessible to almost any level of tolerance. It should be noted that the forceful Sativa effects may cause anxiety or paranoia so please use in moderation. G13 x Hawaiian may be used to treat depression and fatigue.

The .75 grams of G13 x Hawaiian produced by Culture & Cannabis is totally worth the $8.00 price. The THC percentage is just above average and the spectrum of terpenes create a blend of alluring aroma.

Address: 2320 Western Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: (702) 399-4200
Hours: Open 24/7

An event that all local cannabis connoisseurs look forward to every month is Culture & Cannabis. I relish the music, live performances, local vendors, and positive vibes at this get together. I always seem to learn something new, whether it be a new dispensary, event, or instagram handle of a dope weed warrior. At the beginning of 2020 Culture & Cannabis Season Opener featured Paul Wall as a special guest. In addition, Culture & Cannabis announced it’s new cannabis product line to start the fresh decade properly. Fire Cookies and G13 x Hawaiian prerolls produced by Culture & Cannabis became available at Acres Dispensary and Curaleaf Dispensary at the beginning of the year. More importantly, the first 250 people to purchase a branded product gained free entry into the first social gathering of the decade.

This deal is so great that it may actually be a steal. Pre sell admission is $15.00 and general admission tickets are $20.00. Yet, the Culture & Cannabis preroll retail price is only $8.00! Even if one was not one of the first 250 guests, the next 250 earned a 50% discount code. Prior to the launch of Culture & Cannabis’s cannabis line and Season Opener, Acres Dispensary has already solidified itself in the Vegas cannabis community. Acres Underground Cannabis Market is a weekly event every Friday and Saturday from 11AM until 7PM in the Dispensary’s secret tunnel. Similar to Culture & Cannabis, there is the opportunity to network with local brands and influencers. The major attraction of Acres Underground is the amazing discounts on dank. My favorite part of doing business with Acres, besides the deals, is the hospitable service and emphasis of weed education and history. Believe me when I say this because I live in Las Vegas, our weed community is the greatest!

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