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These Cannabis Strains Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh


Contributor: Matthew B. Barnett It is no secret that more and more strains keep hitting the market these days, and cannabis enthusiasts everywhere couldn’t be happier about it. But, with such an influx of new products, it’s hard to locate one that will fit your particular wants and needs. And, personally, I always look for… Read More »

What To Do If Your Pet Ate THC


Contributor: Carl S. Hobby This sort of scenario has happened either directly to you, or to someone you know. It’s very common, and if the right steps are taken, everything will be completely fine. But, in all honesty, if you don’t know what to do if your dog eats weed, it may result in some… Read More »

Here’s How Marijuana Can Help Those With HIV/AIDS


Contributor: Robert Wallace As you already know HIV/AIDS is a serious immune disease that affects the lives of millions. While there are ways to cope with the effects in today’s climate, that sort of instance wasn’t always the case, as HIV/AIDS used to be a much more solemn diagnosis to be dealt. However, while there’s… Read More »

Wondering If CBD Shows Up On A Drug Test? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Wondering If CBD Shows Up On A Drug Test Heres Everything You Need To Know

Contributor: KC SCANNELL With CBD being as widely available as it is these days, many people are starting to wonder, “Will CBD show up on a drug test?” That is a tremendously valid concern, and one that shouldn’t be brushed aside, especially if your job depends on it. Now, before I get into the complicated… Read More »

Skinny Pot: Marijuana Without the Munchies

Skinny Pot: Marijuana Without the Munchies

Contributor: Asia Mayfield Close your eyes. Now try to picture the typical stoner. Do you imagine a grungy youth, mired in a cloud of Cheeto dust, and a mountain of crumbs? You’re not alone. For most people, marijuana = munchies. Classic stoner movies show people demolishing junk food like they’ve been paid to do it.… Read More »