Cannabis Edible


Durban Cookies .6g Preroll


Durban Cookies .6g Preroll
Strain: Durban Cookies .6g Preroll
Producer: BlueBirds
Contributor: Akil EvansRead More »

Optimizing the Root Zone Environment in Cannabis Q&A with Brian Jackson

Optimizing the Root Zone Environment in Cannabis: Q&A with Brian Jackson

Source: Cannabis cultivators are diligent about the light their plants receive and the environmental… Read More »


Slurricane badder


Slurricane badder
Strain: Slurricane badder
Producer: Nuleaf
Contributor: Asia MayfieldRead More »

Cannabis edibles and infused products could be $2.7B market, Deloitte estimates

Top Ten Chocolate Edibles in Las Vegas

Contributor: Asia Mayfield Let’s talk chocolate. A hunk of artisan chocolate that melts in your… Read More »

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